Retro Revolution


Dallas (214-365-9420) & Plano (972-881-1870). Whether or not we keep our current hours depends on YOU! If you want us to stay open late, come to the store late!

Monday: 10am to 11pm
Tuesday: 10am to 11pm
Wednesday: 10am to 11pm
Thursday: 10am to 11pm
Friday: 10am to 11pm
Saturday: 10am to 11pm
Sunday 12pm to 8:30pm

Retro Revolution has two store locations: Plano and Dallas.

D Magazine says it right when they describe the Retro Revolution shopping experience:
“Hidden along the rows of retail giants and “adult” stores you’ll find this eclectic hippie shop. You’ll know what you’re in for before you walk in. A colorful mural depicts the Hindu story of Ganesh smoking a hookah. A big peace sign takes place of the “o” in Revolution. Inside, you’ll find clothing, accessories, jewelry, and all kinds of accessories . (Think ornate incense burners and bumper stickers.) Most pieces here pay homage to the bygone eras of Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, and Grateful Dead. Last time we found a Pink Floyd cutting board, a black sweater dress with bell sleeves, and all kinds of funky jewelry that we haven’t seen anywhere else. Head to the back room for pipes and hookah, galore. (Tobacco only, of course.)”

Maybe that’s why the Dallas Observer voted us the Best Head Shop in Dallas in 2011!