Retro Revolution


“The staff is wonderful. Jay is very educated on everything in the store. He was so helpful with providing options for my needs. Brandon and Johnathan are also very cool!!!”
~ Jonae Lee for our Smoke Shop in Dallas

“I am very new to vaping and not always sure what questions to ask. I was at the store shopping for a new portable vaping device. If you’ve ever shopped for one you know how many options and different features there are. I was incredibly nervous and dreading the experience. However from the moment I walked in Shane and Jake put my worries at ease. They were quick to help, so patient throughout my questions and smiled the whole time. I can’t say enough good things about my experience and will definitely be coming back again. Additionally I love my new Pax 3 :)”
~ Rachel Folk from Dallas

“I’ve been going to this smoke shop for awhile. About four times now in total over the course of finding it a year ago. Time to write a review! Overall: A+++ Place. One of the least shady head shops in Dallas, in my opinion. Most smoke shops in Dallas have this very clinical, kinda low-key scary vibe to them or double as sex-shops. This one has a very cool, bohemian vibe to it and has a much more warm feel to it. They have neat bohemian clothing, jewelry, etc. The place smells nice and is very clean. Staff: The staff is honestly what sells me on this place. They are kind, knowledgeable, and very chill. I had a question about water pipes. Rather than try to upsell me on a “pretty” pipe that was going to break, he helped me buy something functional for less than what I was looking for. He took the time to explain different types to me and really made me feel welcomed. Every return trip has been the same. Really nice people that make me want to spend my money there. Prices/Merchandise: Huge selection of pipes, herbal supplements, and accessories. I was surprised that each month I visit there’s tons of new stuff each time. Someone claimed that they were “overpriced” but I can attest that their competitors in the area are more expensive. They have a fair range on all their smoke accessories and you can get quality stuff without spending more than sixty bucks. So yeah. If you’re looking for a cool smoke shop where you aren’t semi-worried about getting stabbed in the parking lot and don’t have to walk past 12 adult novelty isles to get to the goods, this place is for you.”
~ Plot Pandemic from Dallas

Amazing incense and cool clothes and other items!!!!”
~ Brandi Stotts

“Got a piece for my wife on her birthday, and it got broke since then. We haven’t been able to find the same one anywhere online or any shops. Came here and after hearing our situation Jay got on the phone and we now have the exact same piece being brought in by the maker. Super huge props to him for helping out, my wife was literally crying and has now made her day!!! THANK YOU JAY!!”
~ Mike Scharf from Dallas, TX

“I LOVE RETRO!! The guys here are always so helpful and friendly! Not only do they have a great selection of high quality glass, but they also really know their stuff and have gotten me and several of my friends set up with our favorite pieces. They also have some really cool clothes and lots of fun jewelry! I always end up buying something different when I come into this store!”
~ Rachel S. from Plano, TX

“Great location, friendly helpful staff and their products! I did buy the yellow dress here! ❤bravo to the buyers??”
~ Ziggy Pop Club

“This place is like heaven on earth. Everyone there is amazing and helpful, Derek helped me out and was so knowledgeable and helpful. If he’s not in charge yet, make him! He had a passion for what he was doing and it showed. Keep up the great work guys!”
~ Chris Nordmeyer

“This is literally the best smoke shop I have ever been to, and I have been to a few. (note I’m not your avarage smoker I like pieces that display art and uniqueness). One of the employees(one with glasses) really took care of me, let me water test pieces I was interested in and was very knowledgeable on the products they have. Definitely will be coming back in the future.”
~ Hello There

“The people that work at the Dallas location are amazing. They are always so sweet and understanding and help you find whatever it is that you are looking for. I go here at least once a week. Great Place!!!!!”
~ Gale L. from Dallas

“Seriously the best customer service ever. So patient in finding exactly what I need.”
~ Kristina Paterson‎

“One of the best shops I’ve ever been to. Customer service is above and beyond. I’ll never go anywhere else!”
~ Matthew G.

Beautiful store not novelty shop .Awesome selection and very knowledgeable staff!!!
~ Anthony G.

“Outstanding smoke shop lots of cool things. Great staff. If you are ever in the area stop by and check them out.” ~ Alex

“First visit & absolutely stoked! Daniel took very good care of us… didn’t want to leave! Definitely one of my new favorite stores!”
~ Maria H. visiting Dallas, TX

“Always cool and original… Love it! Oh and I just saw someone complain about prices? No they’re very low for the quality you’re getting (it’s not crap from China).”
~ Edwin M. from Plano, TX

“I love this store! Amazing clothes and merchandise and a great staff!”
~ Mekare LaSalle

“This place is so awesome. It has a great selection of pipes, crystals, jewelry, clothing, and tons of incense. I always drove by but my sister brought me in finally and I was pleasantly surprised and found so many things I want. Darren is so helpful and friendly. I will definitely be back with more people!”
~ Lisa D. from Dallas, TX

“Awesome place to shop retro! My son loves their shirts. I got a skirt that I love wearing and every time I wear it people compliment me on it.”
~ Jen G. from Dallas, TX

“Retro Revolution was kind enough to donate two skull canvas pop art to our art auction at the Dallas Public Library in Downtown Dallas. Both pieces sold well and we thank you for your donation!”
~ Dallas Nonprofit