Retro Revolution

What are you Thankful for? Happy Turkey Day!

Posted on November 11, 2017

We are thankful for many things this Turkey Day! What are you thankful for?

Retro Revolution is thankful for all the new reviews we’ve received on Google. Thank you so much to all those that make it easy to please you. We appreciate the support and the referrals from our loyal customers. You ROCK guys!!

Check out what our fans are saying:

I have no former knowledge of this genre of store, but I discussed an alternative medical remedy for inflammation with my physician and she recommended that I purchase my products from this store. So, literally doctor recommended! They were very helpful and knowledgeable. I intend to be a regular customer if the supplement proves to be effective.

My favorite little shop in Dallas since they opened way back when. Great shop, great staff, great prices. Much prefer to support local business rather than chains, especially when they rudely position themselves right next door. Retro has my business always!!

Always friendly and smiling when you’re greeted upon walking in. Most of the employees I know by name and they know me as well as my family. Couldn’t ask for a more warm feeling. Thanks retro family 🙂

The people here are friendly, welcoming, enlightened. They sell CBD here, which they don’t in a lot of vape shops around. The Gas Pipe doesn’t even sell CBD. The service here is amazing and they have SO much stuff that is so uplifting for the spirit. My favorite smoke shop!

Love this place because the staff is absolutely awesome. They’re actually knowledgeable about their products and their prices are much better than other smoke shops. 10/10!

Way better then The Gaspipe! The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable! Ask to see some art pieces! They r aazing and you forget how much of an art glass blowing is.

I really like shopping here. They have everything & then some. Way better than “Gas Pipe” The atmosphere is fantastic & employees are very nice. It smells pleasant with the incense. The owner seems to be willing to take a chance on getting obscure items which is a good thing. Way to go!

Yo Brendan helped me mutiple times..question after question dude had an answer very knowledgeable about products in and out of store..he’s saved me multiple hundreds of dollars I appreciate it Brendan and retro…great knowlegde and prices can’t beat that……

Randomly bumped into this amazing place yesterday. The people there are extremely nice and are under new management. There products are the real deal. I will totally bring all my friends to this place. They just gained a loyal customer. Worth it is promise.

In and out fast with very helpful people and their prices are reasonable….

1960s style non corporate headshop. Can drive past it without stopping

I love this place!! I The people are helpful and chill.Thank y’all for being so awesome!!
This place is so awesome! I came here to look around and get a gift for my wife and they were very helpful and friendly. They gave me many good gift ideas and I ended up buying something so cool, my wife will love it. Really cool place with really cool stuff and really cool staff. I’m a customer for life.
This place is awesome! They have all kinds of cool things and the staff is really helpful…..
Always helpful & courteous…
Good experience….
Favorite store ever!!!! Everyone is so nice, friendly and professional! My boyfriend and I have been coming to this store for over a year and everyone is always so helpful and knowledgeable! They have lots to look at and everything is worth the price.
This place was wonderful. Extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. The gentleman that took care of me was perfectly accommodating and friendly. Consummate professionals….will definitely return here in the future.